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Eternal Song Lyrics...
Eternal Song a blog of Lyrics that has topics ranging from spirituality, religion to reflections on life & much more. I tend to group my Lyrics under these following categories:
Lyrics of a Mother Earth Unknown: About Insight, Mysticism, Imaginings
Lyrics of Spread Seed: About Random Thoughts, Tangents and Interpretation
Overall, it\'s a blog about Poetry, Literature & Some Personal Thoughts.
For the indie rock addict and/or avid film buff. Because mainstream is just not good enough.
Most Requested Indie Band in Kuching
All about Indie Band life. Lucille is an Indie Band in Kuching.
Piano Sheets for Everyone
My collection of piano sheet music to be shared to anyone... free downloads of pop, classical, and top of the charts piano sheet music.
Redbloodsnow Music Zone
Used to be my personal blog but then i make it to become my music collection blog :)